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Matt Devoti

Car Seat Safety: Buckle Up & Restrain Your Kids

Two children were killed in a collision earlier this week. Both kids were under the age of four years.  The children’s mom was driving one of the vehicles involved in the crash. The collision happened on Hanley Road near the […]

Matt Devoti

Navigating a semi-truck crash

As summer approaches more and more Americans will be hitting the road for summer road trips. As traffic increases on our interstate highway system, it serves as an important reminder to drive defensively and be aware of semi-trucks on the […]

Matthew C. Casey

St. Louis Tent Collapse Verdict Highlights Premises Liability

Four years ago in late April, St. Louis Cardinals fans enjoyed a baseball game under beautiful, spring skies. As the post-game party continued at bars around the stadium, a storm headed straight for downtown St. Louis.  Fifty mile per hour […]